What It Takes to Scale Beyond 1 Million per Year (Ep 123)

What It Takes to Scale Beyond 1 Million per Year (Ep 123)

Season #2

If you’re a law firm owner already at the level where you’ve hit your $700k mark, and you find yourself seemingly stuck and can't break through, then this podcast is for you. 

I am ready to deliver the goods and show you how I have got past the million-dollar per year of revenue and beyond and how I have created a business that:

  •  Doesn’t rely on me;
  • And does require me to work in the firm all the time; I currently work 10 hours a week. (I made myself redundant! Ha!)

Inside the Scalable Business Lounge is a community of law firm owners keen to grow their firms, and I share with them how to do this with the 3-pronged law firm marketing strategy to create more PROFIT and FREEDOM.

I recognised that there are two groups of law firm owners that need help:

  1. The Startup to hiring its first few team members. These law firm owners are amping up their revenue, gaining predictability and reducing stress in terms of worry about where their next client is coming from. 
  2. The firms that are doing 80k revenue plus per month and have a team. These law firm owners have the revenue coming but they often don’t have the structure, systems and automation in place. They are feeling exhausted, and they need to up-level their leadership skills as they are growing more extensive teams. They need to step up as the CEO and visionary in their firm (and be able to take a holiday.)

I know the latter’s position as I have been through this myself and it is a stumbling block and for many, they can never grow past this point.  

I know this all too well because my firm became stuck at the $1.2 Million annual revenue for several years. 

Here are some mistakes I made that kept my firm stuck:

  1. Leadership issues - I wasn’t the leader I needed to be. It’s a growth journey.
  2. Systems and processes issue - Nothing was systemised, and everyone was coming to me to ask me questions which kept me too busy to grow or take a break. 
  3. Team framework issue - No sustainable team structure within the firm makes it impossible to grow. 

Now, for the exciting news!

We have developed a NEW PROGRAM at Scalable Law for the million-dollar-plus firms called, Law Firm Accelerator. 

I am offering a program and a portal full of templates that will solve all of the issues preventing you from taking your firm to the next level. 

My promise is that you will 10x your investment in the program and reduce your working hours to 20 hours a week in 12 months. And if I don’t, I will keep working with you until you do. 

And YES, it can work in any practice area as this is about running your law firm and getting each department systemised so that your firm can run without you, the law firm owner.

This is the exciting offer in this new program: 

  1. Get your law firm fully systemised using our done-for-you SOP library. 
  2. Scalable Team Framework -  my secret on how I get my team to work like a well-oiled machine, with the right people in their right seats. 
  3. Law Firm Leadership - where we offer a law firm leadership blueprint and this is going to help you up-level your role as a leader in your law firm. 

All of these are necessary to grow your firm to the next level.

If your firm has revenue of one million dollars per year or more and you resonate with working too much in your firm and feeling exhausted, this is for you!  

The truth is…. If you can not grow your firm, it is because YOU can’t grow your firm, and you may need some tools, learnings and support to get you there.  

Doors are open for the Law Firm Accelerator  Program!

You can book a strategy call with me this week to find out more here - Book a Strategy Call



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