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Do you want to Scale 
your law firm so that it doesn't rely on you?


In the Scalable Business Lounge you'll learn:



How to create automated marketing funnels that work for your law firm!


Stop throwing money away and instead implement a profitable, growth-oriented strategy that fits your law firm.

Take the guesswork out of your marketing and content creation by implementing three strong automated marketing funnels that work! 



Learn to use the right data to scale your firm.

Implement your strategy and start gathering data to make profitable decisions. Know how many clients you need and create predictability in your law firm. Use the data system to hire your team, gain conversions and build momentum.



Automate your law firm profit.

Create a law firm and grow predictable profits that work using systems, processes and automation. This way, you don't have to be there all the time putting out fires or doing low-level tasks. Implement strategic workflow systems in your law firm so that you have more freedom to do what you love.

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The Scalable Business Lounge = Everything you need to grow your law firm!


You’ll be scaling alongside other action-taking, unstoppable law firm owners who are creating law firms that help more people and give the law firm owner more freedom and profit. 

Plus, you will be learning from someone who has been where you are, is continuing to scale and transparently shares everything about marketing, growing and systemising a law firm (not just a coach talking about it!)

Imagine having more profit in your pocket plus more fun and freedom in your life! 

  • Instant access to step-by-step lessons so you can implement the Scalable Firm Formula (foundations, marketing, data, automate).
  • Bi-weekly LIVE group coaching calls directly with Caralee. Plus all the past masterclasses to help you to implement growth strategies into your firm!
  • Learn what to focus on in your law firm so that you can move the needle forward to attract the right clients and team in order to scale. Follow my four-step formula that has taken my law firm from $0 to over 2 million dollars per year.

A Note From Caralee...


Since starting my own law firm in 2012, I have been through the ups and downs of running and scaling a law firm. 

I made lots of mistakes... But it doesn't have to be that way for you! 

In the Scalable Business Lounge, I share with you how to get out of your highly stressed and overworked position by turning your law firm into a business that doesn't rely on you!

Scaling your firm away from you is ESSENTIAL to you creating freedom. So, if you are ready to scale, make more profit and have more freedom, join the Scalable Business Lounge. 

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  • Knowing how to implement systems and automate your law firm so that your firm does not rely on you all the time. 
  • Having clear, specific steps to take your law firm to the next level.
  • Reaching your goals and working less, getting paid more and spending more time doing what you love.
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What's Included?


#1 A proven roadmap to help you scale your firm

Implement an automated marketing strategy for your firm and enjoy a consistent flow of ideal clients. Your law firm will become automated so that you can make more profit and spend more time doing what you love. 


#2 Two live coaching calls a month

This is where we dig deep into topics that will help you move the needle in your law firm. Every month you will be inspired to implement new growth strategies. 


#3 Use my exact data strategies

Create a law firm that has predictable revenue using my data methods. Take the guesswork out of hiring and marketing your firm to scale. 


The Result? 


A law firm that you can rely on over and over again!

And that doesn't require you to do all of the heavy lifting.

Giving you more profit in your pocket and freedom in your schedule!

The Result? 

A law firm that you can rely on over and over again!

And that doesn't require you to do all of the heavy lifting.

Giving you more profit in your pocket and freedom in your schedule!

How do I know if I'm ready?

Perfect for you if:

  • You're ready to stop spinning your wheels and wasting time
  • You want your next steps strategically planned and want to create predictability
  • You're overwhelmed by doing this on your own and wish you had someone to bounce ideas off
  • You know you are working too hard and you are ready to find a better way
  • You are ready to take action and make changes to your business that drive results

Not for you if:

  • You're an excuse maker and not an action taker
  • You aren't willing to take advice and be coachable
  • You can't invest in yourself and your success
  • You aren't ready to take the necessary steps to move your law firm to the next level
  • You want to keep working crazy hours on client work
I'm Ready

Let's take a look at what's inside

Module 1: Clarify Foundations

To scale your law firm, you must first ensure that your messaging is right. If people don't understand who you help, it won't be easy to attract the right clients.

Module 2: Maximise on Marketing

Stop throwing away money and time on marketing that doesn't attract the right clients. Instead, learn how to implement three traffic funnels that will drive your ideal clients to your firm automatically.

Module 3: Dive Into Data

Take the guesswork out of scaling your firm, hiring your team, your income and clients flowing through the door.

Module 4: Systems & Automation

To have a law firm that doesn't rely on you, however, still produces the high standard of service you expect, you need to implement systems, strategies and automation. By the end of this module, your firm will be humming like a well oiled machine. 

Wait, what's included again?



Scalable Firm Formula

Use my exact four-step method to automate your firm's marketing, scale with predictability and systemise so that your firm is not reliant on you. 



Live Coaching

Join the live coaching calls where we dive into relevant topics monthly so that you are armed with resources and information to help you scale. 




Immediate access to all the previous masterclasses, all designed to help you scale your law firm with ease. 


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