This One Strategy Can Bring More Clients (Ep 122)

This One Strategy Can Bring More Clients (Ep 122)

Season #2

Today the podcast is about a strategy that I love - AUTOMATED LEAD MAGNET Funnels!

You know what I’m talking about because you have probably downloaded something yourself like this, but you might never have thought that you could use this strategy in your law firm!

It is a really great marketing strategy that can bring more of your ideal clients into your law practice.

  • Completely automated- so you are getting new leads without doing anything;
  • It is not overly expensive once you’ve got your email campaigns set up;
  • You only need a small tech stack to get started.

You will start building a relationship with your ideal clients immediately, and they will get to know, like and trust you.

You will have clients come through the door in two ways:

  1. Immediately because they need your service now;
  2. In times when clients need your service or people who will refer work to you.

What is the reason you started your law firm in the first place?

I imagine that for most people, we’ve started law firms because we want to…

  1. Create a greater impact, doing law differently from what we’ve come up through
  2. Create more freedom for yourself so that you can spend more time with your family or do more of what you love.
  3. And to make more profit, we never really go into our law firms thinking that we will be poor or make less money than we used to make as employed solicitors.

A lead magnet funnel can be really helpful in many ways. There are many benefits to having one or many set up in your law firm. Here are a few reasons that this style of marketing can benefit your law firm:

  1. Grow your mailing list so that you are building a relationship with more leads that can convert to ideal clients.
  2. It is an automated way of bringing quality leads into your law firm.
  3. When leads become clients, they are hot and feel like they already know you.
  4. It helps you to stand out as a key person in your legal field.

Where should you have your law firm lead magnet?

There are many places where you can offer your law firm a lead magnet. Some places are going to be more effective than others depending on how much traffic your firm gets organically or on paid traffic.

Here are some ideas on where you can drive traffic to your lead magnet:

  1. Share the lead magnet offer on social media posts to get people to sign up, download your lead magnet, then go into your email list and you can start emailing them weekly or a few times a week.
  2. Have a button on your website in multiple spots. Rather than a lead visiting your website and then never returning, get them to sign up for your mailing list via your law firm's lead magnet. Then you can keep adding value to them through your mailing list.
  3. Finally paid ads will help you to get your lead magnet downloaded many times and increase the leads that you have on your mailing list. Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are all great places to do paid ads leading to your lead magnet.

To make your law firm lead magnet marketing funnel even better, follow up with an automated email sequence that goes out to your new leads for 30 - 60 days.

There are more opportunities attached to having a lead magnet than what meets the eye. Something that works really well is to send them to a landing page where your new hot lead can phone you to make an initial appointment, video, podcast or join a relevant Facebook group that you may run.

If you would love to implement this marketing strategy in your law firm inside the SCALABLE BUSINESS LOUNGE, I show you step-by-step how to set it up. You could have this set up and bring in clients in less than a few houses. One legal client that you attract for your lead magnet funnel can pay for your entire SBL membership.

One of the lawyers in the group recently implemented this strategy and in the 1st week, she retained 8 new clients from her lead magnet.

There’s so much value there if you love to join the Scalable Business Lounge don’t hesitate to contact me I would love to have you there I love helping everyone and we need to thrive together to make more impact as law firm owners and people in the law so I would to have you there Have a great week I will hear from you soon.

You can also check out my FREE MASTERCLASS for lawyers and law firm owners, where I share How to implement a three-pronged marketing approach across three different marketing funnels.



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