Picking Practice Management Software For your Firm (120)

Picking Practice Management Software For your Firm (120)

Season #2

So… Are you going out on your own?  

If you are starting up or planning to start up your firm this podcast is for you. 

Being a solo- practitioner is where we all start. It can be a scary move, but it is well worthwhile!

When you’re starting your firm, you want to be focused on getting clients in the door so that you can have a healthy cash flow and climb to the next level. Automating as much as possible is essential and starting with the right practice management software helps you with that.

Let me go into more detail about what is happening with the practice management landscape, especially here in Australia.

Just recently, in one of our masterclasses at the Scalable Business Lounge, we invited a software practice management systems guru to speak to us about all the options on the market. Having someone who knows an awful lot about these practice management software products, what they do and what they don’t do which ones are good for what types of firms, sizes, and practice areas were invaluable to all the lawyers in the group. 

In my law firm, we have had the same software platform since 2009; we haven’t always been happy with it. So I tried to move to a new platform, but that journey is so overwhelming and difficult that I am stuck with this ridiculous lock-in contract I learned later that you could negotiate terms that don’t involve lock-in contracts. 

Now we have a further option in Australia with Clio now a player. Last year I went to the Clio conference in Nashville and learnt that I love everything about this company and product. 

What I love about this product that sets them apart and why I’m so excited!

  1. No lock-in contract and the user fee is affordable
  2. Clio Manage - standard legal software management system
  3. Clio Grow, this add-on allows you to manage your front-end marketing (intake form, calendar, email marketing) inside your software.

Everything integrates into CLIO…so you are able to streamline your law firm in a way that no other practice management software can. 

If you want to learn more about what practice management system is right for your firm, join the SCALABLE BUSINESS LOUNGE

SBL is specifically for law firms that are from the start-up stage to a team of five employees. 

What Happens in the SBL

  1. We are working on working on who your ideal target clients 
  2. How to implement 3 pronged marketing approach across three different funnels
  3. Test your marketing using data collection

Cash flow and predictability, and systemising enable you to up-level your firm. 

We also offer:

  • Masterclass every single month that is relevant to how to run your business
  • One-on-one coaching calls on what not to do so you don’t have to waste time and money 
  • Hot Seats we talk about your issue so you won’t have to be alone in this journey.

Because no matter how good you are in your specific practice area of law and how great you are in getting results for your client, if you are fumbling through how to run your business, then join us at the Lounge. Where I teach you how not to waste your money through the beginning of your business. 

Lean into having flexibility and FREEDOM!

If this is how you love to start your firm. Then join us!

You can have a lifestyle where you enjoy more Profit and FREEDOM.



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