How to Amplify Your Law Firm's Organic Marketing (118)

How to Amplify Your Law Firm's Organic Marketing (118)

Season #2

The big question is: Why did you start your law firm?

Have a think about that. Most of us are tired of working for someone else on their terms, and we start our firms to create a better life for ourselves, but we end up being with the worst boss ever and never giving ourselves a break!

At law school, we don’t learn how to run a law firm or a business and so when we start our law firm, we do what we can to get work in and get everything sorted, but we soon realise that there is a lot more to it! We get incredibly bogged down running a law firm and wearing multiple hats and start heading towards burnout.

These days I have learnt how to be out of the daily grind of running a law firm and instead focus on working on the business rather than working in the business. I only want to do what brings me the most joy, happiness and results.

So, let’s build a firm this 2023 where you can build a better life. I love to show law firm owners a different way to manage and leverage their time and skills.

So, here’s what you can do to create a marketing plan around your law firm's organic marketing. Be intentional and write a plan out.

This is how to set up for success with your content or organic marketing (The value that you are putting out for others and how your service can help others):

  1. Identify Your Client’s Pain Points - Think about who are your ideal clients and focus on how you can help them solve their problems... Work out a content strategy targeted to the client you’re trying to attract.
  2. List of PR Targets - Once you’ve created a content plan for your target clients, send it to PR agencies or media outlets you can provide this content to them. This will be a free advertisement for you, and PR agencies appreciate well-crafted content ideas that they don’t have to write themselves. So, it's a win-win!
  3. List Your Law Firm's Keyword For The Whole Year - This is important for your paid ads (e.g. Google, FB, etc…). There is no point in using a keyword that no one is searching for. Think about specific words that people use to look up your service. Remember to use your ideal client's language rather than the legal term when it comes to marketing.

Remember, you need to be intentional with your organic marketing. It is called organic, which institutes it happens by itself; this is a myth!

If you don’t want to do this alone. You can come on over to the SCALABLE BUSINESS LOUNGE. Where I help fellow law firm owners with their Marketing strategies to propel their firms forward.


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