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The Right Kind of Busy - Journey and Challenges of Scaling My Law Firm to 7-figures.

I had a fantastic time as a guest for the AskShivani Podcast Show hosted by Shivani Gupta.⁠

We talked about the highs and lows of the Challenges that eventually led me to my journey of helping fellow law firm owners in scaling their law firms to 7-figure without relying on referrals.

I talk about specifically the challenges as a young mum and studying law in my early 30s. 

I relied on my natural knack for being clever at the business side of life, and of course, my experience in business before going into law really helped with my journey. A lot of law firm owners get stuck because they run their law firms as a lawyer and not as a business person.

So, how do I embrace my journey, the things I look forward to in the future, and how do I manage my well-being?

It's all about your mindset since I have been working on so much and even more so lately, whether it's relationships, business or whatever it might be in your life. It’s not just about the destination it's actually all about embracing the journey rather than always seeking this perfection and seeking this final destination of these big things in our lives, and it helps not to get hung up on that perfectionism that it has to look this certain way helps me to overcome those challenges, because I know it's an ebb and flow. 

“It’s the journey that matters at the end, not the destination.”

I do have a  timeframe in terms of having that freedom, of not having the responsibility of parenting young children that I would do a lot more travel, and so that's sort of my WHY in setting up my business, which is the Scalable Law so that I can be a little bit more remote where I could utilise my love for online marketing for law firms and create the freedom to work overseas and the ability to travel for work because I love it so much and a lot of my clients are in the US, UK or Canada, as well as Australia and New Zealand. 

I grew up sailing, and I loved it. So it is my dream to one day buy a yacht in France and travel around for a couple of years, enjoying life and also being able to work remotely at the same time. So that's sort of one of the things that are on my radar. The other thing is we want to buy a property in a small town in Brazil where my husband is from. So, I think it's having that little bit more of that freedom to move about as I wish is In my future, but for now, my journey is all about working on my business and getting my kids through school.

I love to travel and holidays, and I always ensure I've got plenty of fun things and travel booked in and time out for me. 

It’s important to keep a healthy lifestyle as well, eat healthy as you can, which can be really tricky when you're going to a lot of functions and things like that. But just keep everything in check.

I find that when I travel overseas, it just gives me the space, and I find for me that's when my best creative ideas come. 

Travel is always a must for my well-being it is an investment for myself. 

Soaking in new scenes, indulging in different cuisines, experiencing different cultures, and being welcomed with such warm hospitality. ⁠These are just some highlights of why I love to travel.⁠

I am so grateful to be able to do the things I love and be away from my office without worrying about my firm because I have an excellent team and systems in place. ⁠The best thing about my holidays is that my team is so amazing that I didn’t have to worry about anything. And when I got back, I didn’t have fires to put out or a huge inbox!⁠

What’s my secret? ⁠

Simple! Employing only the best team members and systemising everything in my law practice placing legal practice management software in place.

So, if you are a solo, boutique, or mid-sized Law Firm Owner, I would like to share with you how to do this in your firm. ⁠

If you’re serious about creating a successful law firm that doesn’t rely on you all the time, you will need to elevate out of all the doing and take your content marketing for law firms to the next level.⁠


This is what I teach other law firm owners to do inside the Scalable Business Lounge. ⁠It's time to start nailing it!⁠ I will show you what works and what doesn’t, and I;’’ even throw in some awesome law firm marketing ideas too!

We have the ideal solution for you.⁠

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