The Importance of Growing Your Personal Legal Brand (Ep 100)

The Importance of Growing Your Personal Legal Brand (Ep 100)

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The Importance of Growing Your Personal Legal Brand (Ep 100)

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As a lawyer, your reputation is based on collective actions, behaviors, opinions, and beliefs. Your personal brand, however, is intentional. It is about visibility and values that you outwardly represent. Your personal brand plays a crucial role in your success.

Caralee on Scalable law

Why else does your personal brand as a lawyer matter?

  • It represents who you are in public, professionally;
  • It allows you to stand out from the crowd;
  • You will gain referrals;
  • You can bring more value as an employee;
  • You will have more and better opportunities;
  • Be in control of your brand and reputation; and
  • You can take your brand wherever you go!

Competition is fierce in the legal industry - It is essential to recognise that people buy from people, not law firms!

In the Scalable Business Lounge, we focus on how to elevate your personal brand to make people want to work with you and for you. There is such a massive opportunity to fulfill by having a personal brand, so make sure you do it right! To find out more about the Lounge, click here.

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