Rose Tinted Law Podcast hosted by Rose Inglis | Scalable Law

My Transformation: From a Young Mum in Law School to Becoming the CEO of My Law Firm

I had a really fun and honest conversation as a guest at the Rose Tinted Law Podcast hosted by Rose Inglis.

We talked about my interesting start in law and how investing in your professional development and investment in yourself is never ever wasted. 

Why did I decide to become a lawyer? I felt I needed to step up when I found myself, just in my 20s, with kids and going through a divorce. How I left myself at a disadvantage and financially disempowered with my previous marriage.

Crazy how I decided to enter law school amidst all this but I trusted my vision and I’m determined to become a lawyer, a different kind of lawyer. Now, I set up my law firm to help me 10 years ago and people like me in that situation when I need advice and clarity on my next steps forward.

Then, when my 2nd marriage did not work out. I was already a lawyer and I took on my ex’s law firm which was in debt so the 1st thing I did was restructure into a family law specialized firm, worked on paying off all the debt, and hire a Principal Solicitor to supervise me! 

Having a natural knack for online marketing for law firms I made sure to bring in a lot of work for both of us. 

So, from $500k in debt, I transformed it into a 7-figure law firm. 

Since I’ve been in law practice… I’ve done coaching for law firm owners and for all sorts of things really, and investing in coaches, and mentors are an excellent way to grow.

You don’t know what you don’t know. Same as going through law school where you’re learning as you go. You become a lawyer and you realize you know nothing about becoming a law firm owner and you just learn on the job.

So, work out who you want to help especially if your passion is helping those people.

The great thing about having a business is that you can work ON it rather than working IN it. 

Just go for it, put stuff out there. Do it fearlessly even if you’re scared do it anyway. You’ll then know whether you're going in the right direction or not. 

If you find yourself bogged down with the growing pains of being a law firm owner or you find yourself drowning in more work and still worrying about your cash flow. 

You can join SCALABLE BUSINESS LOUNGE, this is a community of law firm owners you need to thrive where I share the mistakes I made so you don’t have to. And the simple and modern marketing strategies for law firms that law school never teaches you. 



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