How To Attract The Right Team Members To Help Your Law Firm

How To Attract The Right Team Members To Help Your Law Firm

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How To Attract The Right Team Members To Help Your Law Firm

In this podcast episode, we dive into the importance of having an incredible team in your law firm so that you can scale and gain the freedom you desire as a business owner! As we head into 2022, it is important to know the best ways to attract a great team so your law firm can run like a well-oiled machine and provide you with more freedom. 

In the Scalable Business Lounge, the majority of the Hot Seat questions we receive are around hiring and how to attract the perfect talent to align with their business and law firm.

Hiring a team can be one of the most stressful tasks you can face as a business owner, so what are some key elements to keep in mind when onboarding team members? 

  1. Have an avatar of your ideal team member! Exactly what are the foundations of your perfect staff member? 
  2. Think about your business culture – what is it about your firm that is different from others? 
  3. Exemplary leadership in place to drive loyalty in your business. 
  4. Foster relationships with potential team members – you will hire more than once! 
  5. Have a hiring and onboarding system in place.
  6. Hire ahead of when you need people – don’t be a reactive hirer! 
  7. Have the courage to let people go if they are not the right fit – you aren’t in business to make friends. 

These tips will be sure to help you hire to make your law firm boom! If you would love assistance implementing these hiring tips, the Scalable Business Lounge is for you!  The doors for new enrolments are closing on November 30th to the SBL for 2021! 




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