Best Practice For Onboarding Clients in your law firm

Best Practice For Onboarding Clients - Never Lose Another Client Again - Podcast Episode 66

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Best Practice For Onboarding Clients - Never Lose Another Client Again - Podcast Episode 66


This week, we will be diving into the Client Onboarding Process and talking about how to successfully nurture your new client’s through the first stages of your service. There is nothing worse than successfully retaining a new client, for the relationship to start off rocky or for them to leave your business in the early stages. 

I recently had an experience whereas a customer, I was excited to invest in a top-tier package from a reputable brand. I was enticed by their convincing sales pitche, and as soon as I paid for the service & signed the documents, the incredible service stopped. As if the business were thinking “okay great, we have her now & our job is done.”   I was left feeling like I had wasted my money and that I had been forgotten. 

What happened next… you will have to listen to the podcast for the full story. 

This is a common mistake that is often made in business. 

In this week’s podcast, we discuss why it is so important to have an onboarding process that works for every client so that you can build a business full of raving fans. 

So, what is the process for a successful client onboarding experience? 

  1. Have an onboarding system in place

If you have a team, you need to ensure that everyone is on the same page regarding onboarding. In addition, your team will need to be aware of precisely what will happen to the client and who will do what. In my law firm, Collective Family Law, our process is systemised so that we always welcome every new client’s in a smooth transition from lead to client. 

  1. Start the relationship off on the right foot

If you create trust in the relationship between your business and the client, you will be off on the right foot, leaving your new client feeling confident that they have chosen the perfect law firm for them. You will set the tone for an ongoing, positive ongoing relationship where your client’s expectations of your law firm are set. This will save you from putting out future fires and increase referrals to your firm and help you gain positive reviews.

  1. What are the best practices for onboarding clients? 
  • Understand your customer. You should know back to front your client’s persona and what unique obstacles each of your clients has, and what their pain points are. For my law firm in family law, even though 95% of matters are not urgent, we know that their persona and pain points lead them to believe that their matter is of the 5% of urgent matters. We understand that our new clients need immediate attention and support from our firm. They need these touchpoints to feel that again, we have got them. 
  • Set clear expectations. Before a client retains you, they must know exactly what to expect from you, your business and what your team’s process looks like. Setting your client’s expectations up throughout the onboarding process as well as during your sales practice will save you time and time again. It is vital to reiterate the value of your service and what your client should be prepared for, including potential setbacks. Informing clients of potential setbacks will lead you to avoid disputes and misunderstandings. 
  • Show value. Before your client engages your firm, you need to emphasise the value of your service and exactly how it will transform them. Informing your new client on how your service can help change their circumstances will help them focus on their goals, where they are heading, and how your law firm can help them get the results they desire. 
  • Stay in constant communication with your client. Don’t assume that your client is aware of every step that is before them. You and your team know every step, but don’t assume your client does as well. Without undermining your client, explain to them exactly what the plan is for them. Put it in uncomplicated terms that even a 4-year-old could understand and outline every single step. You can never over-communicate! Remember your client may have never been in this situation before or they may have never engaged a lawyer before. 
  • Go above and beyond. Your goal is to impress your client so much so, they refer you clients or leave you a raving review! This is what will make all the difference to your law firm growth and create a reliable name for your business. In my law firm, we go the extra mile to ‘surprise and delight’ our clients. What we do to surprise and delight our clients is sending them a custom box full of wellness goodies.

Even if you are a solopreneur, it is important that you have processes in place for every aspect because as your team grows, you can have over your process. 

For the full details, listen to the episode on the podcast. 


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