Doing Law Differently Podcast hosted by Lucy Dickens | Scalable Law

How I Let It Go to Create Space for Something Better

I had a really fab time as a guest in the Doing Law Differently Podcast hosted by Lucy Dickens.

During this podcast, we talked about how I want to help families get through the process of separation or divorce as quickly and as easily as possible. What it means to manage up-and-coming lawyers who share my passion for doing law differently.

We talked about my path to becoming a lawyer, starting with my divorce and the disappointments that led to my decision not to retain a lawyer. How I was financially disempowered at the time and I’m far from alone in this kind of circumstance as a staggering 70% of people in Australia are not retaining a lawyer when they go through a divorce. 

In my case, like many others, I had no professional knowledge of the law at the time and it was terrifying. The costs of the process were overwhelming. So, I gave up on it and that led to a less-than-ideal outcome.  

Fortunately, these experiences have not gone to waste. Instead, I made these experiences into my “Why”... 

“Why we give a FREE 45-minute initial consultation in our law firm.”

“Why we are upfront with legal fees.”
“Why we want to provide clarity at the soonest possible time for our clients.”

Collective Family Law is a modern law firm; where we offer a free initial consultation, we don’t have a receptionist or a front counter, we have a kitchen cafe and we’ve put time and effort into creating a low-cost online self-help program specifically tailored to that 70% who don’t hire a lawyer. I also have a more modern style of law firm management, learning to let go and empowering my team to structure their jobs the way they want to. 

When hiring, I don’t care about how someone did at uni, it makes zero difference to me because it doesn’t mean they’re going to be a good or a bad lawyer. 

Being amazing means having a really good customer service focus: 

keeping the client at the forefront, 

having a positive influence on their lives and 

helping them move forward as quickly as they possibly can.

Go with your instinct rather than just saying ‘that’s what we do in law’ because the law is just like any other business. If you see another business in another sector that you admire, there is a way to replicate parts of what they’re doing.

That’s what I love to share with fellow law firm owners at the SCALABLE BUSINESS LOUNGE where we create more  Profit and FREEDOM. How we’re ‘working ON the business, not IN it’. 

By taking on a more modern law firm marketing approach. I simply follow my 3 pillars of law firm marketing strategy that actually changed the trajectory of my firm and propelled me forward from my $500k debt to becoming a 7-figure law firm now!

If you want to know how I did it I have a free webinar where I share how, the mistakes I made and the 3 marketing strategies that I implemented in my law firm. Head on over to this link.


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