Law Biz Con 2024 ( EP 138)

Law Biz Con 2024 ( EP 138)

Season #2

Welcome back to the Scalable Law Podcast, your go-to source for the best marketing strategies for law firms. Today's episode is charged with excitement as we unveil a transformative opportunity for growth, learning, and community!!! A Premier Event for Law Firm Owners!

Discover Law Biz Con 2024

Get ready to mark your calendars for Scalable Law’s first ever and a dynamic, action-packed legal conference you've ever experienced. Law Biz Con, coming in 2024, is not your typical law event. (promise!)

Set against the stunning backdrop of the Gold Coast at the QT Hotel, this conference promises to infuse your practice with the best marketing strategies for law firms and inspire you to scale new heights.

  • Why Attend Law Biz Con?

Law Biz Con is where the energy of digital space vibrancy meets the depth of legal expertise. It's a two-day haven for law firm owners worldwide to:

  1. Network with like-minded professionals.
  2.  Learn from keynote speakers who've mastered the art of law firm growth.
  3.  Engage in workshops and panels that cover every aspect of running a successful firm.
  • Exclusive Early Bird Tickets

Dive into Law Biz Con's world at an exclusive rate with our early bird tickets, available now! Secure your spot and accommodation early to enjoy substantial savings and guarantee your place at the QT's luxury setting.

  • Bring Your Team

If you're looking to empower your practice manager or a rising partner within your firm, Law Biz Con is the perfect environment. With double streams catering to various managerial levels, your team can return with actionable strategies and a shared vision for your firm's future.

Join me at Law Biz Con 2024 

Spend two days working on your business rather than just in it. Leave not just inspired, but equipped with a plethora of the best marketing strategies for law firms, ready to implement and revolutionise your practice.

Don't wait! Purchase your tickets now to enjoy an early bird promo and prepare for an unforgettable experience that will set your firm apart. 

I'm thrilled for 2024 and can't wait to meet you there.


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