How this Law Firm Owner Had a 7-week Holiday (EP 134)

How this Law Firm Owner Had a 7-week Holiday (EP 134)

Season #2

IMAGINE THIS: the ability to go on extended holidays (7 weeks!!!) while your law firm continues to operate flawlessly, isn’t merely a luxury, but a well-earned reality you can live.


In today’s episode of the Scalable Law podcast, straight from Singapore. We're in for a treat as we have Kristin Porter sharing the inside scoop on how she managed to bask in the sun and travel the globe for 7 incredible weeks while being a law firm owner! We dive into the craft of making yourself an optional piece in your own legal playground, where the play goes on smoothly even when you decide to step off.

Stay with us as we reveal the secrets to constructing a legal practice where the systems are solid, the team is self-reliant, and the owner can savour life beyond the firm without a speck of concern about its expansion and productivity! Dive into the world of law firm marketing podcast insights where building a law firm becomes a journey of creating freedom, and facilitating prolonged vacations without a glitch in the firm's progress and success.

Kristin’s Journey:

Kristen established a law firm, O*NO Legal, specializing in a particularly niche area, catering specifically to real estate agents. The inception of the firm dates back around three years and was born out of necessity, primarily concentrating on corporate commercial law to assist real estate agents.

She incorporated the use of legal bots for various tasks, including the assessment of data breaches. O*NO Legal was launched amid the lockdown in March 2020, leveraging the newfound comfort that individuals had developed with consulting their advisors online due to the prevailing circumstances.

Eventually, Kristen refined her focus further into the real estate domain, zeroing in on lead generation, branding, and fortifying client relationships. This nuanced approach has allowed her to offer specialized services tailored to the unique needs of real estate professionals.

Growing O*NO Legal:

Key Strategy: The strategy primarily involves a blend of organic and paid marketing, substantially utilising Facebook groups, webinars, collaborations with industry trainers and coaches, and the production of a substantial amount of content.

Team Structure: The team is comprised of three core staff lawyers, legal contractors, a graduate who serves as a marketing coordinator, and virtual assistants.

Current Status: Kristin isn’t managing any files herself; rather, she is supervising and providing cover for leaves to ensure everyone has adequate mental health space.

Operational Freedom:

Kristin succeeded in taking a seven-week holiday without needing to work, demonstrating the efficacy of her systems and delegation.

Approach: A systematic approach and trust in her team afforded her operational freedom.

Key Learning: She grasped the significance of refraining from micromanagement and placing trust in the capabilities of her team.

Current Focus and Future Goals:

Kristin has set her sights on working just four days a week, prioritising her health, and investigating the potential of starting additional businesses. One-year Goal: To entirely extricate herself from any service delivery. Three-year Goal: To prepare the firm for a potential sale, emphasising the creation of a business that doesn’t rely solely on her presence.

Business Stacking:

Since her return, Kristen’s aspirations have broadened, with plans to launch additional businesses and a sharpened focus on profit and efficient service delivery. Based on profitability data, she is also exploring further refinement of her niche for optimum efficiency in her services. 


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