Should You Be Using Scheduling App For Your Law Firm? (Episode 101)

Should You Be Using Scheduling App For Your Law Firm? (Episode 101)

Season #1

In this podcast, we discuss using scheduling apps in your law firm as a marketing tool to bring more enquiry into your law firm.

If your prospects are at home after hours, it is the perfect solution to have an automated system where clients can book an initial appointment with your law firm. Law firms face serious challenges when it comes to appointment scheduling, and it can be clunky and time-consuming.

The good news is that scheduling software can help you to automate your appointments, freeing you and your team up to focus on other tasks. There are loads of scheduling platforms on the market. Some have free offers, some are paid, and some have other cool features.

I will share with you what scheduling app we use in my law firm. How we use it and how it has helped my law firm to automate and grow. I also share with you two other scheduling apps that are being used by some of the students in the Scalable Business Lounge. While there are some differences between the platforms, all of the scheduling tools that I speak about today on the podcast offer integration into your firm's calendar, such as Office 365, iCal, or Google Calendar.

For more information about the scheduling apps that I spoke about, head to their websites:

1. Law Connect -

2. Calendly -

3. Acuity Scheduling -


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