How To Make Decision Making In Your Law Firm Super Easy (Ep 99)

How To Make Decision Making In Your Law Firm Super Easy (Ep 99)

Season #1

This week on the podcast, Caralee talks about the importance of knowing and living by your core values as a law firm owner. Last week she was invited to revisit her core values again, and it was an interesting exercise to see if her core values had shifted or not.

Running a law firm and being faced with the hundreds of decisions a day that you have to make can be difficult, but as Caralee explains, when you are aligned to your core values, it becomes easier to make tough decisions.

Core values are deeply held beliefs that help guide you in life and in business. They are often one-word qualities that you want to run your life by which includes your law practice as a firm owner.

There are many benefits of knowing your core values, including:

1. You will experience easier decision making, just as stated by Roy Disney;

2. You will identify if you or your business isn’t aligned; Your law firm goals will be easier to determine if you know your foundational core values;

3. You will establish law firm individuality, which is required in our competitive market; and

4. Your law firm will be both anchored and have a robust engine for success.

In this podcast, listen to Caralee's tips to explain why you should identify your firm's core values and live by them. Create raving fans and keep complaints to a minimum.

As mentioned in the podcast, head to to download free resources, templates, and you will find Caralee’s mastermind membership - the Scalable Business Lounge. This is a program where Caralee breaks down how to scale your law firm in 4 easy strategies!

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