Zero to Hero in 18-Months with Adele Anthony from Your Legacy Lawyer (Ep 96)

Zero to Hero in 18-Months with Adele Anthony from Your Legacy Lawyer (Ep 96)

Season #1

On the podcast today, Caralee interviews Adele Anthony from Your Legacy Lawyer! Your Legacy Lawyer specialises in Wills & Estates, Superannuation, Power of Attorney, and Succession Planning matters. Adele began her work in the law over 30 years ago as a legal assistant and returned to study to qualify as a solicitor when she was in her forties and fifties.  Your Legacy Lawyer strives to ensure women are financially sound when it comes to estate planning.


Adele was one of the founding members of the Scalable Business Lounge and has been an incredible addition to the group. When she first joined the lounge, she had only just opened her business, in only 18 months since then she has dramatically grown her firm, employed solicitors and is working herself only 10 hours a week on client work. Her big goal is to get off the tools by the end of the year so she can focus on the scaling of her business!


This podcast is super inspiring and displays how working on your business, rather than in it, can have rapid results when you take the right steps!


The Scalable Business Lounge allows students to access the best resources to scale your firm - fast. The Lounge is designed to help you make a difference to the people you help and your team. The SBL helps driven legal professionals to scale their law firms by taking client work off their plate without sacrificing quality.


If you would like to know more about the Scalable Business Lounge, visit us! Click here.





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