Let's Talk About Hiring a Part-Time Lawyer (Ep 94)

Let's Talk About Hiring a Part-Time Lawyer (Ep 94)

Season #1

This week on the podcast, Caralee dives into a FAQ that was asked in the Scalable Business Lounge. ‘Should I hire a part-time lawyer in my legal practice?’


For many law firm owners, employing a part-time lawyer seems challenging. This is often because sometimes, in certain practice areas, it can be very demanding in terms of what clients need from you - which is sometimes daily contact. 


Caralee shares her personal experience with hiring part-time solicitors and how to manage the role. There are so many benefits to hiring part-time employees, and while there are challenges, there are workarounds. 


Listen to the podcast to find out how Caralee manages the part-time lawyers in her law firm and how much value they have brought to the team, clients, and work environment!


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