You Are Set For Your 2023 Marketing

You Are Set For Your 2023 Marketing

If you have been following my past articles on setting up your law firm marketing budget and plan for 2023, you will see, if you follow these simple steps, you will have a marketing strategy that will have your law firm front of mind to potential clients in 2023. 

There is no doubt that if you implement a marketing strategy such as the one I have been talking about here and on the Scalable Law podcast, you will have a flow of clients, be able to grow your team and have more revenue in your law firm. 

This plan is not rocket science, but you do have to execute it and stay consistent throughout the year. 

I am not suggesting that you are the one as the law firm owner that has to do all the heavy lifting, you can share the load in your team or outsource many of the tasks. You can delegate the execution of everything except the relationship building as this relies on you as the law firm owner. 

This is because it is sensible that you are the one building the relationships with referrers, as you don’t want valuable relationships walking out the door with your team members as they leave and move on. 

If you have a plan like this year on year, you will have so much growth in your law firm, and it will have a compounding effect over the years to come. This plan is not just for 2023, it is a marketing plan that you can renew and refresh every year.  

This plan doesn’t work if you don’t. You have to stay focused on the plan and stay consistent week after week. Commitment is required, but you are in business, and that is what you signed up for!

So let's get started! 

Click here to read about setting up the basics before you start investing time and money into your marketing strategy. 

Click here to read about how to map out your law firm marketing plan. 

Click here to learn how to get your law firm's marketing schedule started. 


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