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Why Taking A Holiday Can Improve Your Business – Podcast Episode 65

Welcome back to the podcast! This week I am coming to you from my office on the Gold Coast, but not for long! This week I am off to New Zealand for two weeks which is so exciting as I haven’t visited home for a long time due to Covid!

Today I wanted to talk about just how important it is as a leader to take time off, to reset, rest and recharge to become more productive and be at the peak of your performance! I know it sounds counterintuitive that going on holiday can make you more money and more productivity, but it really can! 

If you are new to business, it can feel like you are bogged down and can’t take a break – this is exactly when you need to take a break. The whole reason you started your business was so you can have more time and freedom, right? 

Before COVID, I was taking long breaks frequently. From 4-6 weeks at a time and Christmas breaks and flying places for extended weekends.  Since COVID, I found that I was getting very bored and bogged down at home, which is the number one cause for unproductivity.

When you are fresh, your well-being is at its peak, and you can perform at a higher level! When you break up your day-to-day work life, you will find that you will enjoy what you do when you get back to your business! 

If you are a person working 50, 60, 70 hours per week, perhaps you can’t turn your emails off on the weekend – you need to tune out so you can recharge. The chance to escape your daily routine will revitalise and reset your mind so you can be a better leader. 

Not yet convinced you can or should take a break? Let’s go through the top points as to why it will benefit your business: 

  1. Having a holiday can reduce stress; 

When you take a break, it can reduce your stress. It allows you to take time away from routine and responsibilities. You go somewhere completely new so that you can switch off your regular thoughts and relax! Once your stress levels come down and you return to your routine – you will be a renewed human who loves what they do. 

  1. There are physical health benefits; 

Who said Cosmos on the beach isn’t good for you? Once you begin to relax and loosen all tensions in your body, you will find that your thought process and state of mind will be clearer when you return to work. Too much stress can lead to a whole range of health issues that will catch up with you. Overeating, sitting for too long, lack inactivity can all lead to poor physical health, getaway and reset your mind to produce peak physical health! 

  1.  Your brain will thank you! 

Mentally, tuning out of your day-to-day life will do you a world of good. When you have the enormous burden of a business, a team, clients, home life, it can be overwhelming at times, which can rapidly decrease your productivity. Once you slow down on your holiday, your creativity comes back because you have the mental capacity to hold onto it! You can see why turning off does more good than bad. It will help you to reconnect with yourself and align your priorities. At the end of the day, you aren’t built to work yourself to the bone, and you only have one life! 

  1. When you have something to look forward to, life is better! 

You are so much more satisfied with your life. You feel happy and content. Taking regular holidays can help to create a healthy work/life balance that makes you happy! It is an excellent chance to spend time with the ones you love and reflect on your wonderful life. You did not start a business, so you can work your butt off 1000 hours a week. You started your business so you could have more freedom and time with those who you love. You don’t want to be working for the worst boss you have ever had, yourself! Be kind to yourself and add holidays into your schedule. 

  1. Time off = increased creativity!

As a business owner, you are the visionary! There is no other person in your business to be the visionary you can be! You are in the driver’s seat, so you can see where it can all go wrong if you don’t feel inspired? Taking a holiday will give you the time to read the books you want to read, relax in a beautiful environment as well as repair your brain to make space to scale! 

So, you’re convinced that it is time for a holiday? Now, how exactly do we get this holiday on track? 

You need to systemise your law firm so that you can step away and know it is in safe hands! 

When you have reliable systems in place for your business, when you are absent – there is no need to worry! Your staff and yourself will know exactly what needs to be done, where, when, and how. 

If you have the certainty that things are still going to be getting done as if you were there, then you can easily step away and go on holiday. This may mean that you jump online to give your staff tasks for an hour a day while you are on holiday or to approve tasks to ensure you don’t come home to an inbox of emails. 

To be engaged with your family and loved ones is so important. It doesn’t need to be a whole week or more, but spare yourself two nights in a road trip distance to appreciate the states we live in and get inspired!

I challenge you to lock something in today for the future holiday you are going on. Have your downtime so that you can be the best business owner possible! DM me where you are off to, I would love to know! I will be sharing my New Zealand trip on my Instagram, so jump on over and maybe even get some inspo for your upcoming holiday! 


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