Living in COVID-19 – 5 Wellness Steps to Follow! – Podcast Episode 12

Living in COVID-19 – 5 Wellness Steps to Follow! – Podcast Episode 12

Right now, as we all start to social distance and lock down to stay safe, life seems crazier and more stressful than usual. It is very overwhelming from both health and financial perspectives. It seems that there is so much uncertainty with very little control over what is happening. Now more than ever, as we navigate this uncertain and stressful time, we need to create healthy habits that will keep us mentally and physically well, so that we can nurture ourselves and take care of people the that we love.

In our everyday life we are all so busy, doing all the things, and we are often not practicing the sacred act of nurturing ourselves. This sacred practice is the fundamental essence of what we need to do to protect ourselves from what is going on in society today.

This is an important balance between nutrition, rejuvenation, sleep, meditation, movement that you enjoy, connecting with nature, laughter and having fun.

I am thinking back to our grandparents age and the era that they had. They did not have the fundamentals that we have that make society today, the toxicity, the environments that we live in today. So, we have to cleanse, we have to become simpler in the way that we live. Get back to the basics of life.

Right now, as we practice social distancing and we are staying home more it is an opportunity to nurture yourself by getting back to the basics of life. Creating new healthy habits that support you now and into the future is so important right now for both mental and physical health. It is cliché but true, that we cannot pour from an empty cup.

I have created a few mindful tips that will help you implement wellness in your new normal and ensure that you remain calm.

My five tips for living in Covid19 times for wellbeing:

Healthy Mindset – Having a healthy mindset is essential to changing your life and living well. A healthy mindset involves finding ways to grow from your thoughts instead of letting your thoughts control your life. It is a journey and a practice that takes time to learn and make a habit. Right now, more than ever, we need to be practicing a healthy mindset. This may mean for some to focus on only positive information, read or listen to a book that you haven’t had the chance to get to. Tune into your favourite uplifting podcast, like mine, The Law of Living Well, or just write in a journal, map out plans, goals or create a list of what you are grateful for.

Daily Movement – During this time when gyms are closed, it is a time to connect with nature with daily movement. If you cannot get outside because you are in quarantine, do an online yoga class, hop on your old exercise equipment or do dance in in front of YouTube. Moving your body will release endorphins which will produce a happier, healthier attitude.

Surround yourself with a supportive network – This is key to your wellness, especially when you are overwhelmed, stressed or anxious. Your network could be the people you know in person or groups you are part of online. You become who you spend time with as we all carry different energy. If you subject yourself to people who are negative, insecure or destructive, it will be quick to affect your wellness. While in lockdown follow people and join online groups that are supportive and uplifting and delete those that are not.

Eat real food like our grandparents grew up eating – Food can either help us or hinder us. Right now, in this time we need to be eating healthy, real, nourishing food. Our energy levels, heart health, moods, weight, immune system, skin, gut health and how we overall feel, depends on how we feed and fuel ourselves. Real food ingredients can also help to alleviate stress. Check out my recipes through the link above for loads of recipe ideas using basic, wholesome ingredients.

Rest & recovery – This stressful time is only made worse by all the information that is at our fingertips, on our phones, computers or on TV. Get rest from being all consumed by it, turn off the TV or Facebook so you can have space to recover from the constant upsetting and alarming information. It can be addicting, wanting to check and scroll through your news feed to see what the news article has blasted or what we should be panic buying next. Stop this and remind yourself when you do switch on your phone or TV, if it is not good for your personal wellness and makes you anxious, turn it off. Do fun things instead, play games, cook, make a fire pit and BBQ, lay in the sun and smell the fresh grass.

I ensure you that if you begin to follow these simple steps, and start to call yourself out on specific things, this time will help you flourish. You will become more peaceful and appreciate the small things in life. Then when all goes back to normal you will be content in yourself, your home, your job and your freedom. This is a time for you to come back in touch with yourself, breathe and be calm.


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