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How To Know That It Is Time To Let Go Of Old Ideas – Podcast Episode 62

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How To Know That It Is Time To Let Go Of Old Ideas – Podcast Episode 62
Today in the poddy, we discuss what the signs are when it is time to let go of ideas that no longer serve you or your business!
In business and life, there are times where we start something, and then we hang onto it, yet it actually doesn’t serve us or propel us forward. I have learned this myself, and I have found that we do it because we put so much time and energy into this particular venture or idea that we don’t want to just let it go! However, by hanging onto it, we are prevented from making room for new and better things.
We can apply this ideology to many areas of our life, but today we will apply it to business.
When we hold onto things in our business, it may be as big as your business model or even just your Instagram account handle, for example, when you have evolved and moved on from that name or offer.
If you have been around for a while, you will know that in 2012 I started a brand called Real Food Pledge (totally separate from my law firm). My Instagram and Facebook business account used to be @realfoodpledge. You may have noticed my rebrand of these accounts to my own name a few years back.
The Real Food Pledge website was created in 2013, and there were a lot of things I loved about the model, including sharing all the recipes, creating books, going to food shows, and talking about food. In 2016 I created an online course that guided people to happier, healthier lives, yet it never succeeded in the way I thought it would, and even though I absolutely loved it.
I had to let it go and make room for things that served me, but it was hard. I didn’t want to let go and it took a number of years. The good things that I got out of Real Food Pledge are that I learned a lot about Facebook ads, blogging, websites, lead magnets, setting up lead pages, etc. I have been able to apply to my law firm and now the Scalable Business Lounge!
There is always room for evolution, and although it feels so scary to let go of it and leave the idea of making it work. If you have been working on something over and over, yet see no growth – when is it the time to move on and let go?
1. You have tried different ways to make it work, but it just never does!
Your heart has changed, but we just keep ongoing, almost like flogging a dead horse. Not every idea we have is meant to work out the way we want it to, sometimes it comes along to guide us to where we are truly meant to be!
2. Justifying the negatives
Listen to your justifying as warning signs that something needs to change. If you need to justify something, that is enough to know deep down what the truth is! Let it help you grow.
3. If it isn’t helping you move forward, let it go!
To become successful, you need to grow, pivot, and move! It will make you feel stuck and stagnant if you hold onto old things. Don’t fear change, it will help you grow!
4. If something is holding you back, you are wasting time, energy, and motivation.
You got into business for a reason, right? Not every day will be exciting; sometimes it is downright hard. If you are emotionally attached to the big ideas you have for this certain plan, it will start to make you feel like you’ve failed. It will zap away your motivation, leading to a negative mindset rather than a positive pivot!
For me, it took a long time to leave my Real Food Pledge because I loved the creation of it! It was fulfilling, yet the reality was that I only got the joy of creating it and not its actual content. I have created three beautiful books with Real Food Pledge and I have learned so much along the way, yet I knew that it was time to let it go.
It is so important to have the mindset that leaving these paths behind may be challenging, but it has been a stepping stone in exactly where you need to be. So, ensure you shoo away those feelings of time wasted, and realise that you are exactly where you are meant to be!
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