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How Get Your Personality to Shine on Social Media – Podcast Episode 59

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How Get Your Personality to Shine on Social Media – Podcast Episode 59

Putting content on social media can be daunting, to say the least, and when it comes to being vulnerable and putting your true self out there, it can be debilitating! You worry about who might be listening, who might be judging, who might be watching, all sorts of fears creep in there!

Then there is the factor of what do I post, when do I post, and even how do I post? All of those imposter syndrome feelings start creeping in and it can actually stop you from putting your brand out there – which is vital if you want to be successful in branding yourself or/and your business.

If you don’t put your brand out there nobody is going to know, like, and trust you which results in not coming to you when you have a problem to solve. Therefore, making it vital to overcome the fear and start to put your brand out there! 

In this podcast episode, I am going to take you through the easy steps of tapping into that branding world on social media to ultimately gain clients!

A successful social media platform relies on the pillars of two strategies:

Relatable + Memorable = Followers

Whatever industry you are in, you still need to provide and put your brand out there in these two strategies – no matter what business you are in, this is possible! Look at my business, divorce! It isn’t sexy, so how do I make it relatable and memorable?

1. Don’t shy away from showing your personality, stand out and show it! 

The difficulty is, sometimes when we feel like we are being funny or showing our true selves, that we are then not professional… Simply not true! The truth is you can still be professional and show your personality, in fact, it will absolutely draw your client in as they can see you are human and can have a laugh – even if you specialize in divorce, etc. Your vibe attracts your tribe!

You can express yourself in many ways, talking in front of a camera may seem daunting, but you can ease into it. Begin to show your character by sharing your morning coffee, your beach walks, or a funny thing that happened to you! Humans buy from humans, and I guarantee that it will capture attention.

2. When you provide content, ensure that it speaks to your clients! 

If you are posting things that relate to your audience and aligns with their values, it is only a matter of time before you will begin to see people sharing and interacting with your content. Have you ever clicked through a piece of content and thought ‘that is exactly how I have felt.’ I bet you have and I bet you there is a business that has just popped into your head that did just that.

Keep this in mind when being authentic, you can be that person who captures the memory of someone else.

Step into your client’s shoes, how will your client feel? If you have not been in them, research!

3. Ask questions and engage!

Put questions out there, interact with the people who follow you. Don’t leave them hanging. You want to create a relationship between yourself, your content, and your audience.

Authentically share yourself with your audience because people will love you! You don’t need to worry about what people think, whoever you are worried about isn’t your client anyway. When you put content out there, think about how you are going to positively impact people – what is the worst that can happen?

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