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Google Ads VS Facebook Ads, What's The Difference? - Podcast Episode 60

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Google Ads VS Facebook Ads, What's The Difference? - Podcast Episode 60

Today on the Being Unstoppable Podcast, we are talking all things – PAID TRAFFIC! 

In particular, we will be talking about Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. Just a disclaimer, I am not a qualified expert in this area, but I have been running Google Ads for about ten years, and I have been running Facebook Ads for about eight years. I have learned a lot in this time as a business owner about these two types of paid traffic. 

Paid ads are incredible if you know how to use them properly! Using ads can be very expensive, which takes a lot of confidence initially as you learn.  I understand the fear you may face if you are new to ads or a small marketing budget. Let me help grow your confidence by sharing with you everything I have learned in the paid traffic world.

I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on paid traffic on both Google ads and Facebook ads over the years. These two ad types are not the same. There are some significant differences between Google Ads and Facebook Ads, so what are they?


Google ads have a different audience type from what the Facebook audience is. Google is a search engine, whereas Facebook is not a search engine. What that means is that if someone identifies that they have a problem, and they type that problem in with the keyword contrary to your running ad, your ad may pop up at the top of Google.


With Google Ads, you have instant clients ready to take action if your ads are set up correctly. This is because the client has taken the initiative to Google a solution for their problem.

Along with this, Google Ads is very measurable, which is a huge benefit because if we don’t measure, how are we to know whether money is being invested well? 


Facebook and Instagram ads are the same channel as Facebook owns Instagram, which is awesome because the same ad can go out to two channels. Facebook (and Instagram) are different from Google ads as people are not searching. Instead they are scrolling for nothing in particular. The targeting is different as it taps into even deeper audience targeting through behaviour, demographics, and interests 


Facebook ads are amazing to grow your email list full of ideal clients. Once you get someone off Facebook and Instagram and onto your mailing list you can then form a relationship with them to nurture that client. 

The other great use for Facebook ads is that the retargeting strategy. This can be very successful. Retargeting is when a client lands on your website for example, or has engaged with you on social media and then a Facebook and Instagram ad then appears in their feed. 

Now lets’s talk about the juicy stuff… The Disadvantages!

Google Ads, what are the disadvantages? 

  • Google Ads can be complicated to set up, and I wouldn’t recommend doing it yourself. It is best to have a Google Ads expert to set this up unless you are prepared to do a lot of learning and spend some money on ads that don’t work while you learn.
  • Google are not as targeted as Facebook, 
  • The cost per conversion is VERY competitive. 
  • The way it works is that you are bidding and completing e for the first place. 

Facebook Ads, what are the disadvantages? 

  • You have people who are randomly scrolling, your ad pops up and they haven’t searched for you which can result in the ad going to waste. There may be action takers who are scrolling, but it is not the same as Google ads where people specifically search your business. 
  • Often these people are not willing to buy straight away, so you do need to set up a funnel for them. This means you get the client’s information through an offer, i.e. Sign up now for your free checklist. Once they put their email into your form, they go onto a list where future content will be distributed from, which is a long-tail process, rather than Google, where it has been intended to take action right away.

If you haven’t yet experimented with paid traffic, whether it be Facebook or Google, give it a go. 

It is worth the investment if you do it right and have a basic understanding! I recommend starting with a very small budget and working your way up. You don’t have to start with a huge budget, you want to grow in confidence, grow your budget and then grow your audience!



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