Free Or Low-Cost Ways To Get High-Value CPD Points For Lawyers

Free Or Low-Cost Ways To Get High-Value CPD Points For Lawyers

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Free Or Low-Cost Ways To Get High-Value CPD Points For Lawyers

Today on the Being Unstoppable Podcast, Caralee dives into how to get your and your teams CPD points the either low-cost or no cost way. All while ensuring they are of massive value to you and your team. There are a few strategies to be creative to get those points, and today Caralee shares how she and her team get in those CPD sessions! 

Tune in to hear the below ideas and how Caralee has run them in her law firm:

  1. Run your mini CPD conference with your team or other lawyers. This challenges you to create your CPD presentations as well as tune into others’ presentations around you; 
  2. Invite different professionals to present a topic to your team based on their industry. This is a fabulous way to not only get free, value-packed CPD points but will also strengthen referral relationships; 
  3. Do exactly what you are doing now – listen to a legal podcast! This is a fabulous way to get CPD points because you can listen to them on your commute or while you do your day-to-day tasks.
  4. Free webinars! There are so many free webinars & Facebook lives that happen weekly in the law industry. Tara Lucke is a great one to tune into – she is all about estate planning and testamentary trusts. 
  5. Start writing! Write an article on your area of law and publish it on your website. This is also a fabulous way to recycle content – Turn it into a social media post or video.
  6. Audiobooks! Listen to an audiobook on a specific law topic, and like a podcast – listen in whenever you want. 
  7. Become a part of a group like the Scalable Business Lounge, where you can use the content towards your CPD points! With a new Masterclass out every month, this is an excellent way to learn about different topics. 

When it comes to CPD points, it doesn’t have to be giving up your weekend and spending thousands of dollars to attend a conference. Instead, be intentional about what you want to learn and get creative using the above tips and tricks! You will have your CPD points before you know it! 



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