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Five Ways to Boost Your Self Care & Mental Well-being – Podcast Ep 2


Often, we don’t think about our mental well-being as we get on with our busy lives. However, it is super important that we take initiative and give this aspect of our lives the time it deserves. It is important to not dismiss, or overlook the importance of prioritizing taking care of ourselves.  

Here are a few ways I have found helpful when putting self-care at the forefront of my daily life as a business owner, author, and mother.


We are often so kind and respectful to others, complimenting others and holding others in high esteem. However, at times we fail to treat ourselves with the same kindness and respect, instead we are quick to criticize ourselves and talk negatively about who we are. Be aware of what you say to yourself, how you talk about yourself, both out loud and in your mind. Make it a habit to replace any negative self-chatter with positive affirmations and kind words. 



A healthy morning routine sets the tone for your entire day. As busy mums, business owners and professionals, the best time of the day to dedicate to self-care is first thing in the morning before the household awakes and the morning rush is yet to start.  It can be difficult to find time during the day and by the time the evening rolls around there is dinner, homework and other tasks to complete that you are so exhausted, you just flop into bed.   

Your morning routine could include reading, moving your body, getting fresh air, journaling, meditating, repeating affirmations, listening to your favorite podcast, doing yoga or any other activity that brings you joy. Whatever activity it is that creates fulfillment and sets the tone for to your day, make it a priority. 


It is important to align yourself and connect with people that are positive, uplifting and that have the same values as you do. It is wonderful to spend time with people that inspire you and fill your cup. These people can be family, friends, colleagues or mentors. It is said that people with strong family or social connections are generally healthier than those who lack a support network.  

If you struggle to find like-minded people in your physical circle, connect online in Facebook groups. There are plenty of amazing connections to be made. Find your tribe and reap the rewards. 

woman coffee by the beach


You know that I am passionate about real food. Honestly the difference that eating real food makes to your everyday life is huge!  

When your week gets busy, it’s easy to rush out the door and figure food out later. This often leads to grabbing on the go which is often a quick option because by then you are starving, and anything will do! Being organised and prepping real food, that is fast and easy, is both life and health changing.   

There is no doubt that what we eat and how we choose to fuel our bodies has a huge impact on our energy levels, our mood and how we feel. Often people are so used to eating processed food that they are unaware of how incredible they can feel when they eat real, nourishing food.  

To help you I have created a guide to ditching processed food. This is free to download and have been created with busy, working, stressed mums at the focus.   


Whenever you say yes to something you are saying no to something else. It is so important to think about what you choose to say yes to. For example, if you are saying yes to scrolling online until 10.30pm, you might be saying no to getting up at 5:00am for your meditation, workout or time for yourself. When you say yes to processed food, you are saying no to healthier options as you only have so much space for food.  

Be intentional to let go of what’s not serving you and create space in your life for the things that will fill your cup. Try to say no to more of what drains you and yes to more of what sparks joy for you, no matter what that is. This could be exercising, sitting and breathing fresh air, writing in a journal, creating, cooking, journaling or just relaxing. What is it that lights you up? Do more of that, often.

Click here to listen to the podcast on this topic!


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