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Building Your Brand on LinkedIn - Podcast Episode 58

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Building Your Brand on LinkedIn - Podcast Episode 58
Do you find LinkedIn overwhelming? Perhaps you are unsure of how you want to brand yourself or how to connect with the correct audience? Listen up to the latest poddy episode on how I break down the best tips and tricks to ensure you take full advantage of LinkedIn to build your brand and to become unstoppable!
Often LinkedIn can be seen as less valuable than other social media platforms, as it has a reputation for recruitment or employment, however, it is so much more than that! It has over 600 – million users, so it is very likely your ideal client or referrer is on there just waiting for you!
So, how exactly do I use LinkedIn to become unstoppable and optimize this platform?
Here are 5 quick tips to ensure you aren’t overwhelmed but get a kick start into this epic community!
But firstly, come and find me on LinkedIn! @caraleefontenele
1. Make your account relevant to your ideal client; 
Yes, editing your bio as to who you are is great, but we need more than that! Ensure your LinkedIn looks tasty to your clients, what are they looking for and what do they do? This makes it easy for your clients to quickly see what you are about. You can do this by having
  • High-quality visuals (This is not of you in your wedding dress, these are professional images that reflect who you are in the workplace.)
  • Description and bio must be kept up to date (Update every 6-months.)
  • Photo albums to show what you do, ensure they are neat and in albums.

2. Be intentional with connecting with your ideal clients and referrers; 

Depending on what kind of business you have, is who you connect with. If you have a business-to-business company then it is clear that you should scout for your ideal client.  However, for my business in family law, my ideal is the stay-at-home mum who is going through a divorce or an electrician who is in need of advice.  These ideal clients aren’t on LinkedIn, therefore making it obvious for me to connect with referrers instead.

3. Use LinkedIn to your advantage; 

LinkedIn has advantages that other social media platforms do not have. Did you know that LinkedIn provides free courses? There are free courses on personal branding or something relevant to your industry. There are some free and amazing resources! Engage in other people’s posts – just as you would on Facebook! There is so much information on LinkedIn, that if you search for anything relevant to your brand it will pop up; share this, and bam you are LinkedIn-ing…

4. Stand out from the crowd – Create articles and share them! 

To write an article relevant to your industry will benefit you incredibly as you can repurpose this content and you will most likely gain traction from one article. This provides content-rich resources that relevant people search for on LinkedIn, making you more visible. Not only is this great for LinkedIn but share it on your website and you have an SEO booster!

5. Building your brand on LinkedIn; 

Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room. How can your LinkedIn accomplish this business based? Post away and follow the above steps! You want to be taking pictures, posting what you are up to, sharing content, and interacting with your ideal people. Get out there and show them just how you are killing it and where you are doing so!

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