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Breaking The Barriers In Your Law Firm with Karen Finch from Legally Yours

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Breaking The Barriers In Your Law Firm with Karen Finch from Legally Yours

This week on the Being Unstoppable Podcast, we have the inspiring Karen Finch from Legally Yours joining us for an unstoppable chat about law, business, and breaking barriers in the legal world!

Karen Finch is a non-practicing lawyer, CEO of Legally Yours, Co-Director of Pro Help Legal Australia, Board Member of the Australian Legal Tech Association (ALTA), and more! Karen is incredibly passionate about her career, and knowing how much of a difference she is making in the world is her main drive to be unstoppable. 

Karen’s passion for law began through her family, where she saw her family lose a complex litigation matter involving her father’s company. This saw her family losing everything, not necessarily due to the litigation matter itself but due to their legal representation. This then sparked Karen to become a lawyer and make a change. It took her a while to find her space in the law where she was felt truly aligned. But once she did, she became unstoppable and created Legally Yours! 

Legally Yours is a dual-sided online legal marketplace that was created to help the 70-80% of Australians who have legal needs and currently don’t have access to lawyers. This is often because they fear costs, don’t know how to find a ’trusted’ lawyer and don’t understand the legal process.  

Legally Yours helps potential clients overcome the traditional barriers to accessing legal services by matching them to fixed-fee or value-based pricing lawyers across Australia.  

The other side of the business focuses on disrupting how traditional lawyers deliver legal services. Legally Yours does this by educating and supporting Australian lawyers and legal professionals to change their business model away from billable hours to a transparent pricing model that lets their clients know how much they will charge and what they will deliver. They do this through our online member community portal – the LY Hub.

Karen’s passion for change is contagious, and this podcast episode is a genuinely fabulous listen! Listen to the full podcast by clicking here

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